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Terms & Conditions

1) enrolment procedure

Make a preliminary booking by filling out the form to the left. Make sure you have read the minimum requirements for the modular courses that you are applying for. The minimum requirements must be met on the day that your course starts. 30-45 days before course start we will contact you for your confirmation of the place that you have requested. The preliminary booking is not binding.

2) Payment procedure

4-6 weeks before your course starts you will recieve an invoice for the confirmation fee. The confirmation fee is your first downpayment of the course fee and is non refundable and should be paid no later than 14 days before course start. This fee is 10% of the total program fee that you have applied for and is securing your accommodation and the training schedule.

CPL/ME/IR program (10-13 weeks duration) During the first week of your program, your second payment is due for 45% of the total course fee and half way through, the remaining 45% is due to be be paid.

JAA conversion program (15-21 days duration) During the first week of your program, your second payment is due for 90% of the total course fee.

3) Cancellation and termination of flight training

Diamond Flight Academy will refund the student upon termination of a course program with the remaining fund on the students training account based on the hourly training cost.

4) Unforseen delays in the program

Diamond Flight Academy put a great deal into following planned schedule and the duration of each program and module by leaving room for back-up lessons for cancelled flights. However, we do not guarantee the duration due to unforseen events which puts us unable to fly. Examples of such events can be closed airspace due to volcanic ash, long term weather below minima. During 2011, all of our courses ended in time with most of them earlier than our advertised duration.